Yacht Karma

Rule & Regulations

To ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all aboard the Yada Yada yacht, we kindly ask that renters and their guests adhere to the following rules and regulations during the rental period:

Guest Capacity: The maximum guest capacity on the Yada Yada yacht is 12 people, including the renter. Under no circumstances should the number of guests exceed this limit.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited on the yacht, both inside and outside. This includes the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Alcohol Consumption: Responsible alcohol consumption is permitted on the yacht. Renters and their guests must be of legal drinking age (21 years or older) to consume alcoholic beverages. The renter is responsible for the behavior of their guests and must ensure that alcohol consumption does not result in any unsafe or disruptive behavior.

Noise Levels: Please be considerate of others and maintain a reasonable noise level while aboard the yacht, especially when in close proximity to residential areas or other boats. Loud music or excessive noise may disturb other guests and may result in complaints.

Safety Protocols:  The renter and their guests must adhere to all safety protocols and instructions provided by the yacht crew. This includes the use of life vests, maintaining safe distances from the edge of the yacht, and refraining from any behavior that may pose a risk to personal safety or the safety of others.

Swimming and Water Activities: Swimming and water activities are permitted only when the yacht is anchored or moored, and only with the captain’s permission. Guests must follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate safety gear when participating in water activities.

Pets: Pets are not allowed on the Yada Yada yacht without prior written consent from the owner.

Illegal Substances: The use or possession of any illegal substances on the yacht is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement and possible legal action.

Damage to the Yacht: Renters and their guests are responsible for any damage caused to the yacht during the rental period. The renter must notify the yacht crew immediately if any damage occurs and may be held financially responsible for repair or replacement costs.

Cleanliness: Renters and their guests are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the yacht during the rental period. This includes disposing of trash in designated receptacles, cleaning up spills, and avoiding any activity that may cause damage to the yacht’s interior or exterior.

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in additional fees, the termination of the rental agreement, or legal action. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy your time aboard the Yada Yada yacht.

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